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Adding .NET to Nx workspace#

πŸ”Ž Nx is a set of Extensible Dev Tools for Monorepos and NxDotnet is one of the many plugins of Nx, which add capabilities for developing dotnet applications such as generating applications, libraries, etc as well as the devtools to test, and build projects as well.

Installing NxDotnet#

After creating an Nx workspace (check here to see how to create an Nx workspace), open a command line interface (CLI) like Windows PowerShell inside your existing workspace and run the command below to add .Net capabilities to your workspace.

yarn add @nx-dotnet/core

Generate an application#

To generate an application run:

nx g @nx-dotnet/core:app my-app

Generate a library#

To generate a library run:

nx g @nx-dotnet/core:lib my-lib

Serve generated application locally#

For a dev server, run the command below. This command can automatically reload if any of source file changes by watching for file changes and rebuilding the project.

nx serve my-app

Build the project#

To build the project run:

nx build my-app

and for a production build, run:

nx build my-app --prod

Dependency diagram#

In order to see dependency diagaram of your application(s) and lib(s), run the command below:

nx dep-graph