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TDD Basics

Initial Considerations#

Just before we begin to employ a TDD method, we need to know the ansewers to the following strategic questions:

  • What is going to be tested and what does this testing mean to our project?
  • Are we making distinctions between assessment, evaluation, and testing? All we need to understand is that these are three different terms for referring to the process of figuring out how much we know about a given topic and that each term has its own meaning.
    • Program testing is to test program behavior and finding errors.
    • Software evaluation is the process of making judgments based on criteria and evidence to find if our program or software has the best possible fit for the needs of our client.
    • Software process assessment examines whether the software processes are effective and efficient in accomplishing the goals.
  • Do we know which logic to be chosen for testing?
  • How do we choose our test data?

Assert First#

Test Data#