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User Story vs User Case

User stories#

User stories describe what may be built in the software project. User stories may follow one of several formats or templates. The most common is the Connextra template, stated below.
As a <role> I can <capability>, so that <receive benefit>.


In order to <receive benefit> as a <role>, I can <goal/desire>.

Story Mapping#

A story map is a helpful tool when planning a release. It is based on user stories of what needs to be built. With user story mapping, product teams can describe the customer journey and divide it into smaller portions. πŸ‘‰ Read More

story mapping – exemple

The User Story mapping gives a good vision of the project scope. You may follow this link or this one if you want to know how you can make a good story map, step by step.

Use cases#

A use case describes from a user’s point of view, how users perform tasks on a website, which helps explaining how the system should behave. For examples:

  • User opens task list.
  • User deletes a list's item.
  • ...