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· 2 min read
Ali Safari

The statistical package R for many researchers is their first experience to the programming world. This free and popular statistical language is available in online repositories. R can perform powerful data manipulation as well as data visualization.

However, programming for a reasearch focused branch is not limited to R any more, but highly likely starts often with R.

Sometimes, having knowledge in other operating systems other than the popular Windows is needed. Sometimes, an analytical tool require a Linux Operating System. In such case, maybe you need to set up a virtual machine (VM), in order to install and work with a linux based software.

Fortunately, by having the Internet and googling in you side, you can have access to a lot of open source packages and shared repositories that are developed by both researchers and professional developers.

Nowadays, as a researcher if you want to do an analysis, most probably you can find a software or a tool that is available online, or can be further developed by you to fulfill your requirements.

This is the way that science trajectory is leading to, and to be a successful researcher you need to gain some knowledge and skills in computer programming.

As a developer for scientific applications, I have the passion and motivation to go further across deciplines and share my knowledge in programming with scientific comunities and developers.